5 tips to enhance your swimming pool look & appearance

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Construction

Are you bored of the way your swimming pool looks like? Do you wish to enhance its look and appearance so as to make it the focal point of your home with the help of Mini Bobcat Hire in Brisbane? Here are 5 great tips to give a completely new and attractive look to your pool.

1.Re-shape your swimming pool. You can make your pool deeper, wider, or extended. Changing the shape, as well as the size of the swimming pool is an effective means of re-defining the look of your swimming pool.


2.Change the swimming pool design. You can change the colour of the tiles, interior plaster, and paint to get a totally new look. Depending on your pool remodelling budget, you may opt for mosaic tiles or spectrum quartz to lend a designer finish to your pool.

3.Add colour LED and fibre optic pool lights. Color fiber optic and LED pool lights can be inserted into the floor or they can be put on the walls of your pool. Colour LED and fibre optic lights would add a glowing effect to your pool and to the surrounding areas. Your pool and landscape would come to life-adding a lot to the overall value of your property.

4.Go for pool landscaping. Adding pavements, decorative fencing, fountains, water falls, garden planters, and raised platforms are some of the landscaping features that would add a lot of interest to your swimming pool area.

5.Another useful tip for re-defining the look and feel of your swimming pool is to add natural stone decking or coping. Coping and decking helps add a lot of style to the outdoor living space. You can choose from a wide range of stones and building materials for swimming pool decking. Mix and match stones and tiles to get stunning results.

If however you want to construct a new pool, you must hire a qualified company to help you with pool digging and filling.


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