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There are many advantages of putting up a fence around your property. You can prevent passersby to peep inside your home and to intrude upon your privacy. A fence also provides protection from stray animals and helps keep the beauty and sanctity of your garden intact.

To put up the fence you would have to dig up a fence post hole first. For digging up post holes you would need some tools. By having the right kind of tools you can make your task quick and easy.

For putting up a small fence, you can very well do with a mallet as this tool is quite helpful in pushing the post into the ground. But if you wish to put up a taller fence, it would need a larger hole for putting up the posts. To create a large sized hole which can go far in the ground you would need a post hole digger.

There are many different styles and types of post hole diggers to choose from. Depending on your individual needs, as well as the amount of money that you are willing to spend, you may buy a hand held or a manual digger or heavy duty digger.

The most crucial aspect of putting up a fence is digging up of post holes. The right kind of post hole digger would help make your task simpler and would help you complete your project quickly.

After digging the hole, you would need to level the post and then fill the hole with concrete so that it can stand upright no matter how much pressure is put on it.

Landscaping adds a lot to a home, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and value. If you are thinking of starting a landscaping project in your garden or backyard with the help of powerful machine like Mini bobcat hire Brisbane, why not go green? Here are some environmentally-friendly landscaping tips that would not only do wonders for your home, but also for the environment.

Grow native plants in your garden. Native plants are acclimatized to grow in your area and are therefore easier to maintain compared to exotic plants. You would need less water and fewer pesticides to keep native plants in good condition. You can add your small, but significant part in saving water and reducing the impact of harmful pesticides on the environment.

To save water you may opt for greener irrigation techniques. Spray irrigation systems lead to wastage of water. Opt for drip irrigation method. In this a perforated hose is used for watering the plants. The hose is kept on the top of the soil which helps saturate the roots of the plant quite effectively. Try to store rain water and make use of it in irrigating your landscape.

For stonework and other construction work in your garden landscape, make use of recycled materials. You can use bricks or broken concrete as they are environmentally friendly.

Make use of compost. The matter occurs naturally in the soil and is decomposed and recycled from the plants back to the soil. It is a great natural fertiliser for your plants. Rather than adding chemical based fertilisers, you may opt for biodegradable and eco-friendly fertilisers to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

There are many more ways you can achieve desirable landscaping results without causing any harm to the environment. Use your own imagination and help save the environment!